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The Chhattisgarh state government established Raipur Nagar Nigam. Mining industries and agriculture are the main occupation of the city. Rice is the main crop of the Raipur and it is famous for the extensive availability of different types of coal and minerals. Because of cheap cost of labors, the city is a good location for establishing industries. Good community services are necessary for such kind of large-scale advancements. The Nagar Nigam of Raipur, a local body for governance provides the entire basic requirement to the citizens of Raipur. The main functions of the Nagar Nigam are constructing health centers, educational institutes, schools and periodic maintenance of the houses. In addition to taking the responsibility of constructing basic civic infrastructure, flyovers, and roads, it is also developing recreational centers such as museums, community halls and parks.

The Nagar Nigam of Raipur also takes preventive measures to avoid the spreading of epidemics and other seasonal diseases. Raipur Municipal Corporation has also designed some special programs for the developments of rural areas. These programs are also oriented to develop the basic civic infrastructure in the area.

The Nagar Nigam of Raipur also maintains a record of population growth and issues death & birth certificates. The Nagar Nigam is also responsible for regulating and taxes on commercial and residential properties. The department is receiving admiration for contributing efforts towards the development of the city and urban areas. For detailed information one could visit the following link of the official website.


Contact Details:

Nagar Nigam of Raipur

Raipur, Chhatisgarh

Nagar Nigam Head office

In front of Main Post Office,

Near Jaistambh Chowk,

Raipur (CG).

Phone Number: 0771 – 2535790, 2535780

E–mail address:,

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