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The Different Functions Of The Nagar Nigam Of Panipat Are:

  1. To monitor and regulate the various function of the corporation.
  2. Maintaining the records.
  3. To conduct Socio – Economy or BPL survey within the Municipal limits.
  4. Municipal Corporation office’s Procurement Process.
  5. Fresh Dak dispatch/ receipt movement.
  6. Monitoring the expenditure and income of the corporation.
  7. To conduct the elections of the corporation.
  8. Preparing the agenda of the meeting and proceeding the meeting of Municipal Corporation.
  9. Conducting the activities of social welfare and regulating such activities in the area of Municipal Corporation.
  10. To monitor the activities of Outsource like horticulture, sanitation etc.
  11. Preparing the reports of the administration of the Municipal Corporation and submitting the reports to the government in the given period.
  12. Regulating the various rule/laws of the Panipat Municipal Corporation and ensuring the implementation of these laws and notices as served by the corporation.
  13. Maintaining the application of RTI and disposal.
  14. Recruiting the staff for the Municipal Corporation.
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