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MCD or Delhi Nagar Nigam is an independent body, which governs the nine districts of the capital of India. There are two other municipal corporations excluding MCD, in Delhi. The other two corporations are Cantonment Board of Delhi and Municipal Council of New Delhi. MCD is one of the largest bodies of municipality, which provides the basic civic services to a projected population of about 11,007,835 million people. The total area covered by the corporation is about 1,397.3 Square Km.

Some of the densest areas of the world in terms of population lie under the jurisdiction of MCD. It is also providing a number of civic facilities to resettlement colonies, slums, urban and rural villages, regularized colonies, Squatter settlements etc.

The Municipal Corporation of  Delhi was established on April 7, 1958 under the parliament act. Earlier the Municipal committee of Delhi or DMC was the main civic body. Guru Radha Kishan, a freedom fighter has served the MCD  for a number of consecutive years. Delhi’s first Mayor was Lala Hansraj Gupta and Aruna Asaf Ali was the 1st elected Mayor. After that , the body of Municipal Corporation is alive in the constitution of Delhi and is functioning efficiently to fulfill the increasing requirements of the people of Delhi. The Act of 1993 amendment had changed the composition, governance, administration, and functions of the Municipal Corporation.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is among the most successful corporations of India. It has harnessed the maximum use of its resources. The management skill as well as the work ethics of the department has made the department, a most successful Municipal Corporation of the country. MCD has finished all the projects in a successful manner.

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