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The Nagar Nigam of Kota is amongst the most famous administrative bodies, which works under the supervision of Rajasthan state government, for the welfare of citizens of Kota. The Municipal Corporation of Kota is systematic and well organized, inspite of the fact that Kota is 5th largest city. CEO O. P. Sharma leads the corporation, which is composed of nominated and elected members.

Kota Nagar Nigam is responsible for all the developmental programs in the city and looks after various administrative sectors. 60 members support the Nagar Nigam of Kota, who are elected by adult franchise. The Nagar Nigam has divided Kota into 60 wards, for the convenience in administration. Each elected representative of Kota Municipal Corporation looks after a single ward.

Different ward member are performing the responsibilities of Municipal Corporation to benefit the local people. Local people choose these members for a period of five years.

The Important Functions Of The Municipal Corporation Of Kota Are:

  • Constructing Public Toilets.
  • 24 hours supply of electricity.
  • Sufficient supply of water.
  • Maintaining and cleaning sewage and drainage system of the city.
  • Maintenance and construction of quality roads.
  • Constructing and maintaining Recreational facilities like parks, community halls for the beautification of Kota.

The Municipal Corporation of Kota collects taxes for the citizens of Kota, to earn revenue. The Nagar Nigam of Kota also organizes cultural activities and fairs in order to entertain the local people of Kota. Different ward members of Kota Municipal Corporation perform the duties with complete clearness.

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