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Jabalpur Nagar Nigam was formed in 1864.The main objective of the establishment of the Nagar Nigam is to avail all the basic facilities of civic infrastructure in the city. The increase in the industrialization in the city resulted in the increase of pollution, which in turn demanded for chief requirements and better condition of water, education facilities, sanitation and health. Since its establishment, The Nagar Nigam of Jabalpur is working for the development of the city and has implemented many programs for the development.

To achieve its objective, the Municipal Corporation is launching different projects and programs that would be beneficial for both rural areas and urban areas. The different services of the Municipal Corporation of Jabalpur include ensuring sanitation and health facilities, sufficient supply of water; it also takes care of different construction projects like construction of flyovers, bridges and roads of the city. It is also working for improving the conditions of slums. In addition to all these basic requirements the Corporation is responsible for developing public and recreational spaces such as parks, sports complex, auditoriums and it is also responsible for preserving the charisma of heritage monuments and buildings. The Nagar Nigam of Jabalpur also issues death and birth certificates and maintains a record of the population growth.

The other services of Jabalpur Nagar Nigam include the responsibility of regulating and collecting property tax. It also ensures that the rules/laws of building plans as well as policies are implemented throughout the city. To offer better services to the citizens of Jabalpur, the Municipal Corporation has divided the city in a number of wards and different zones. “” addresses the work of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation in the field of development of both rural and urban areas. One could use the online website of the department to register complaints or to query about any developmental program of the Nagar Nigam of Jabalpur.

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