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Indore Nagar Nigam is established to avail the basic facilities of civic infrastructure in Indore. The department of Indore Nagar Nigam, a local body of government deals with the service of availing the essential services to the people of Indore. The main objective of the department is to build the city that could provide all the basic amenities as required by the people. The main services of the department are construction of dispensaries, houses, hospitals and educational centers including their periodic maintenance.

In addition to the construction and development of bridges, flyovers, and city roads it is also responsible for constructing recreational centers such as community halls, exhibition halls, museums and parks for the citizens of Indore. The Nagar Nigam of Indore also takes the preventive measures to avoid the increase of seasonal diseases and epidemics. The Municipality of Indore maintains the heritage buildings as well as evaluates the effects of the environment on them.

The Municipal Corporation of Indore also issues the certificates of death and birth, and keeps a record of the increasing population of the city. The corporation also collects the tax on property including commercial properties and residential properties. The department also ensures the execution of building plans as formulated by the government.

Indore Municipal Corporation also works towards the improvement of slums. It is also offering shelters to homeless people. For any query and problem, one can approach to the zonal office of the Nagar Nigam. “” praises the work of Indore Nagar Nigam. Following online website of the department provides the complete information:


Contact Details:


Indore Nagar Nigam, Siyaganj
Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Phone Number: 0731 253 5555.

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