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Gurgaon is an industrial city, located within the NCR region, and is close to Delhi. Gurgaon is a home to industrial units of a number of companies including MNCs. There are many other companies which are in the final phase of establishing their base in Gurgaon. The industrial activities in Gurgaon are planned in such a way that the town, HUDA developed surrounding residential area and private colonies have remained free of pollution. Control of pollution was one of the main concerns at the time of development of the town. The central town is 30 km distant form Delhi however the connection of the town to Delhi is so well planned that it looks like a part of Delhi and Gurgaon has almost became a part of Delhi. The distance of Palam International Airport from Gurgaon is jus 17 km. National Highway 8 crosses the town which starts from Delhi and ends in Bombay.

1. 66K.V. S/Stn. Hodal through 33K.V. Hodal-Punhana line .
2. 220K.V. S/Stn. Palwal through 66K.V.single circuit Palwal-Mandkola-Nuh line.
3. 220K.V. S/Stn. Ballabhgarh through 66K.V. single circuit Ballabhgarh –Sohna line.
4. 220K.V. S/Stn BBMB Delhi through 66K.V. double circuit Delhi-Gurgaon line
5. 220K.V. S/Stn. BBMB Delhi throu 33K.V.Delhi-Gurgaon line
6. 400K.V. S/Stn. Samaypur (Faridabad) through 220K.V. double circuit Samaypur-Badshapur line.

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