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House Tax and Payment

An owner’s property that is liable to pay is known to be the property tax.  Depending upon the use of property’s value, the tax amount is predicted.  Based upon the market rate, construction type, occupant type, and building age, the tax on the property is levied. Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad earned more of the income from this.  Tax is assessable to every property which comes under the cover area of NNG.  Based on such assessments, all assesses are expected to pay tax. According to the NNG, tax zone is specified by the ‘Annual Ratable Value’ and tax for the open land is depending upon the capital value. On the yearly basis, different collections of taxes were going on such as property tax, sewerage tax, water tax, and service tax etc.

Nagar Nigam got the support system from the Property information Management system that is based on the GIS. To monitor the revenues and assets by the administration of the Nagar Nigam, a strong effectiveness is brought by the GIS.  To maintain and increased the technology to advancement, the work is done by both the system of geographical information and system of property information.

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