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The nagar nigam of Ghaziabad was established in the year 1994 after passing the 74th Amendment Act, 1992 of the constitution. Ghaziabad was the board of municipal before establishing as a nagar nigam or municipal corporation. At present, the total area, which falls under the GNN or nagar nigam of Ghaziabad, is composed of four different administrative zones. These four zones are composed of 80 wards. Vijay Nagar, Kavi Nagar, THA and City Zone are the different zones of Ghaziabad. Vasundhara Zone and Mohan Nagar are two other zones of Ghaziabad.

The Municipal Corporation of Ghaziabad is the major governing body which gives the fundamental amenities to the residents of Ghaziabad and administers the city, at local level. The GNN provides some specific services to the residents, beside implementing the normal maintenance activities. The specific services include issuing the certificate of death and birth, issuing business license, property tax and a management system for property information, and management system of complaint registration. GNN also issues different tender notices and offers the information under Act of Right to Information.

The online website of the Municipal Corporation of Ghaziabad offers a number of services. As an example, it is possible to file an application for a license and it also possible to check the status of application on the internet. In the same fashion, one can get the information, which are related to birth certificates, certificate of birth and transfer of title. One could reap the benefit of the online management system of property information, however presently the service of online payment of house tax is not available. One can lodge a complaint online. For lodging the online complaint one needs to fill and submit the registration form of online complaint. It is also possible to check online, the position of complaint.

Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad Contact Details

The address of the office of the Municipal Corporation of Ghaziabad Is:

Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad

Sector – 10, Vasundhara

Ghaziabad – 201012.

Uttar Pradesh.

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