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Haryana state government established Faridabad Nagar Nigam. Faridabad observes many commercial activities because it has many industries. It is necessary to connect the city to all the important cities hence it became necessary to develop important civic services in the city.

The prime objective of the Nagar Nigam of Faridabad is to provide the better services and to improve the living standard of the citizens of Faridabad. It provides a number of services, which include the construction of health centers, schools and educational institutes. It is also working towards improving the circumstances of rural areas and slums. It is also the main authority, which maintains the basic civic infrastructure like bridges, flyovers, and roads; Faridabad Nagar Nigam is also responsible for availing sufficient supply of water; the maintenance of sewerage system; the prevention of the increase of seasonal and epidemic diseases. The recreational services of the Municipal Corporation include the construction and maintenance of community halls, parks and museums.

In addition to these services and duties, the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad regulates various taxes including the tax on residential and commercial properties. It is the main authority of the city, which passes different building plans. Faridabad Nagar Nigam also maintains a record of population growth in the city.

For the convenience in the process of administration, the Nagar Nigam separated the city into a number of zones. This division of zones also helps the citizens in registering any grievance in the respective zonal office. In all the departments of the state, Faridabad Municipal Corporations holds an important position. The various efforts of the Nagar Nigam of Faridabad in the direction of development of the city to make it a wonderful place to live, is appreciated by “”. For any other details one can take the reference of the following link of the website of the Nagar Nigam.



Main Market, Sector 14,
Faridabad, Haryana – 121007.

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