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House Tax and Payment

To maintain all the civil services in the capital, the basic profit to the authorities of municipal and local bodies were getting by the tax of property, which is a known fact.  Because of the procedural and administrative insufficiency and improper information about the properties, there is declination in the tax base in the developed countries such as India, which was resulted in various properties are not giving the tax base and some are not assessed properly and also there is an inefficient collection in whole system.

To provide the centric services to all the citizens by achieving objective and vision using Public Private Partnership approach, Property Tax Division, and Information Technology as wishes by the MCD to initiate the innovative process.
As recommended by the India’s Government, Unit Area System is only adopted by the MCD out of other 3 ways that is Annual Rental Value, Unit Area System, and Capital Value System.

The Basic Features of the Portal:

  • A very simple way of filling form via online with the offline help of property tax form that is user friendly.  The time taken to fill the online form is about 2 to 3 minutes whereas about one hour will be taken in filling the form of PTR.
  • The whole detail of the calculation is provided as the calculation of the tax of property is dynamic.
  • Property tax challan printing and online generation
  • Penalties and Tax Arrears of Property updation and their monitoring
  • Interest amount calculation and late fees calculation
  • As per the PTR filling and challan generation, there is automatic computerization of all rebates
  • Different facilities of payment included
  • Credit Card
  • ITZ Cash
  • Authorized CSB centers and counters of bank that includes DD, cheque, and cash.
  • All the boundaries were facilitated including filing of PTR manually on computer
  • All the policies for property like exemption and rebate criteria, rate of property tax, colony master, types of taxable property, and values of unit area were maintained and monitored.
  • All payments and cheques that are dishonored were maintained and monitored
  • All the users were provided with the best MIS report set such as third party service, department official, collection agency, or tax payers.
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