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Bhopal Nagar Nigam was established in 1983 to provide the basic requirements to the citizens of the city. Bhopal is a state capital and is the prime administrative center. It is also one of the most famous tourist spots; it is famous for the historical buildings and its heritage.

The roads of the Bhopal connect the city to many important cities of India by means of different transports. The city supports a very large population due to which it is necessary to avail the prime civic infrastructural facilities to the mass. These facilities should be in accordance with the urban standards to raise the living standard of the citizens of Bhopal. The main duties of the Nagar Nigam of Bhopal include construction of educational institutes and schools, maintaining the hygiene and health standards. The Municipal Corporation of Bhopal is also responsible for maintain the basic facilities like streetlights, bridges, and roads. In addition, it is also responsible for supplying sufficient water to the citizens, sewer system of the city and waste management. The Municipal Corporation of Bhopal has introduced many welfare programs for public and has inaugurated many recreational centers like community halls, museums, parks and exhibition halls. It is also working for the benefit of slums and is providing shelters to homeless people.

The Nagar Nigam of Bhopal is an authority for regulating and collecting the tax on property in the city. It gives first preference to various building plans concerned with any new project’s development. It also releases tender for private builders for various construction projects. The necessary information about the tenders is available on the website of Bhopal Nagar Nigam. In order to provide the best services to all the citizens of the city the Municipal Corporation of Bhopal has separated the city in 56 wards. All the wards have individual councilors who are responsible for the upliftment of basic services in the area. “” has appreciated the marvelous efforts of Bhopal Nagar Nigam or Bhopal Municipal Corporation for the progress of the city. One could take the reference of the official website of the Corporation for complete information.


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