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Nagar Nigam Aligarh

In accordance with the 1959 Act of Nagar Nigam Uttar Pradesh, the Municipal Corporation got the duty to provide basic civic services to Aligarh’s citizens. According to 74th amendment the local authorities has got a number of responsibilities.

Following Are Important Duties Or Services Undertaken By The Nagar Nigam:

  1. Catching of rowdy dogs or Dog catching
  2. Marinating the parks
  3. Dead dogs’ emancipation
  4. Maintaining and repairing the drains
  5. Cleaning and Sanitation of drains and public streets
  6. Removing the garbage heaps
  7. To release the dried and dangerous trees
  8. Removal of debris
  9. Sanitizing  and cleaning Garbage houses
  10. Other important work related to the disposal of garbage
  11. Catching the rowdy animals or cattle catching
  12. Cleaning the public urinary and toilets
  13. To control the spreading of infectious or contagious diseases by spraying antibacterial medicines using the Spray Gun, basically for dangerous diseases as Malaria
  14. Protection of the green trees at public places
  15. Disposing the dead bodies of buffaloes and cows

Contact Details Of Aligarh Nagar Nigam


  Office Residence
District Magistrate Nagar Ayukta 2401807  
District Magistrate 2400202 2400798, 2400799
Chief Development Officer 2742543 2702645
  Office Residence
Supritendent of Jail 2401355 2403598
Supritendent of Police - City 2400115  
Supritendent of Police - Rural 2400454 2400570
Senior Supritendent of Police 2400638 2703110, 2703111
  Office Residence
Chief Medical Supritendent - Din Dayal Hospital 2741011 2703164
Chief Medical Supritendent - Mahilla Hospital 2524314 2524317
Chief Medical Officer 2523272 2400032


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