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The nagar nigam of Agra is one of the major municipal bodies of Uttar Pradesh state, which offers the civic services to an estimated people of 168,6976 (according to 2010 census). There are some most eye-catching tourist spots in Agra. These world famous tourist destinations include Taj Mahal and Sikandra Fort. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders. The nagar nigam of Agra is established under the 1959 Act of Adhiniyam of Nagar Mahapalika of Uttar Pradesh. The nagar nigam of Agra is functioning efficiently to fulfill the increasing need of the people of Agra.

The Main Objectives Of ANN Are:

  • Citizen Responsive – developing a intellect of participation and involvement in all the stakeholders of ANN, by addressing the concerns of the people and offering them complete consumer satisfaction.
  • Efficient and Effective – offering the services to the consumers in timely, professional, helpful, economical and useful manner
  • Transparent – offering a transparent and accountable civic management for the profit of consumers and employees of ANN
  • Financially Sustainable – reducing the dependence of ANN on the funds of state government by optimizing and managing the revenues of ANN in an efficient manner
  • Equitable – ensuring the services of ANN to all the citizens of Agra, which also includes the deprived and vulnerable groups in reasonable and just manner

Services By Agra Nagar Nigam

The main agenda of Nagar Nigam of Agra is to avail equitable, efficient, citizen responsive, effective, transparent and financially sustainable, excellence service to the citizens of Agra. The Nagar Nigam of Agra provides a number of facilities to the people of Agra. Keeping the records of death and birth rates with the Municipal Corporation of Agra helps a number of people of. ANN is also responsible for providing death certificates and birth certificates. These certificates are helpful in getting jobs, making passports and it is also possible to claim deceased bank investments. The development plans of the Municipal Corporation are also responsible for a planned and better city.

The e-governance of the municipal aims on improving the national component of civilian services by defining the service levels, providing interactive communication between the local citizens, government & other stakeholders and in improving the internal operations of government. The Nagar Nigam of Agra also gives emphasis on the accountability and transparency of different services. In addition, it provides better delivery of services to the citizens of Agra.

SR No. Name DesignationMobile No. Mobile No.
1  Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram T.S.     
2  Mr. Rajeev Rathi  EE 9368225873
3  Mr. Shivdutt Srivastava  LA  9319406007
4 Mr. Anil Kumar Singh A.T.S.  9319406032
5 Mr. Ashok Gupta S.K.(Nir)  9319406019
6 Mr. C.P. Singh  T.S. 9319334410
7 Mr. Chandra Mohan Upadhyay     Amin 9319406028
8 Mr. Gopikrishan Srivastava UNA  9319943441
9 Mr. I.S.K. SINGH  UNA 9319406008
10 Mr. K.P. Tripathi   ANA 9319406002
11 Mr. Kaasim Raza  SNA 9319406004
12 Mr. Manoj Mishra  JE 9319406014
13 Mr. Manoj Prabhat   AE 9319406011
14 Mr. O.P. Lawaniya  J.E 9319406023
15 Mr. P.N. Dubey   NA 9358277455
16 Mr. R.K. Pandey   A.E.(Light) 9319406021
17 Mr. R.K. Singh  UNA 9319406003
18 Mr. R.K. Singh   C.F.A.O.  9319886765
19 Mr. Raj PatiYadav JE 9319406018
20 Mr. Rajesh Kumar  JE 9319406017
21 Mr. Ram Veer Yadav J.E 9319406022
22 Mr. Ramesh Chand Verma J.E. 9319406023
23 Mr. S.C. Bhartiya T.S 9319406031
24 Mr. S.P. Mishra  AE 9359509136
25 Mr. Suresh Chand   EE 9319406010
26 Mr. Suresh Chand Sharma J.E 9319406025
27 Mr.Aidal Singh J.E. 9319406024
28 Mr.Balwant Singh F.S.I.   
29 Mr.BholanathGautam T.S. 9319406030
30 Mr.Chishti JE 9359509116
31 Mr.Dharam Veer Gupta   CE 9319406006
32 Mr.Dharam Veer Singh AE 9359740582
33 Mr.Mahendra Singh TS  9359509131
34 Mr.Naresh Chand Devedi JE   9819406013
35 Mr.Nirbhay Singh Clerk, NA  9319406027
36 Mr.Pradeep Kumar Mittal EE 9368225877
37 Mr.PyareLal    F.S.I.  9319406033
38 Mr.Santosh Kumar Singh EE 9359635227
39 Mr.Sudarshan Singh AO  9319406005
40 Mrs.SunitaYadav T.S 9319406029

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